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Hob Service & Repair

Hob Service & Repair

In a kitchen the hob is a projection, shelf, grate or bench for holding food or utensils at the back or side of a hearth (fireplace) to keep them warm, or an internal chimney-corner. In modern British English usage, the word refers to a cooktop or hotplate, as distinguished from an oven.

Cooktops are often found integrated with an oven, or may be standalone devices.

Cooktops are commonly powered by gas or electricity and sometimes oil or other fuels are used.

Gas cooktops consist of one or more gas burners with arrangements to control the rate of flow. They often have integral halogen lighters or pilot lights and may have safety interlocks.

A ceramic hob consists of a low-expansion thermal glass-ceramic that is transparent to infrared, which houses radiant or heaters below it. The advantage of this arrangement is that the heat can be quickly controlled.


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